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Our Story

The Schaefer Behnke Group is a full service financial services practice specializing in individual retirement income and small business retirement plans. The group was established by Bret Schaefer and Nick Behnke in 2010.  Our fixed income team specializes in conservative portfolios structured for income and capital preservation. Our market area is primarily Oshkosh and also stemming into the Fox Valley region/NE Wisconsin. For the personal market, our clients are the blue collar workers over 50 years old who are making plans for their retirement. Our second personal market is small business owners with 25 or fewer employees. Our third personal market would be suddenly single women (death, divorce, need help at that time) and individuals rolling over to a new plan because of job change. The ideal demographic is age 50 – 70 blue collar individuals. Since our inception, we have continued to grow steadily. Competition for our market is the local bank and other financial brokerages. We have a strong position in the retirement income planning portion of our business and wish to expand and grow in the "busting-at-the-seams" market.

Our Mission

The Schaefer Behnke Group strives to provide sound financial advice by working closely with each and every client to understand their unique needs and wants, offer diverse product options and educate them to enhance their portfolio, protect retirement income and improve financial comfort.

Our Vision

Ideally, Schaefer Behnke Group would like to be top-of-mind when thinking retirement. We envision a world where each person has the ability to generate a comfortable monthly income stream for retirement. We would like every client to feel a sense of relief, security and happiness.

Our Values

Hard-Work • Genuine Honesty • Community Involvement • Loyalty & Passion

The Culture

Fun loving family business


Our Benefits

  • SBG advisors do the due-diligence for the products that we represent
  • We are experienced and well educated
  • SBG advisors are loyal to each client and communicate effectively
  • We are a one-stop-shop and can help with diverse financial needs
  • We are a local small business with blue-collar mentality
  • We offer educational events to help teach potential and current clients various financial subjects

Our People

  • Nick Behnke: Financial Advisor & Partner
  • Bret Schaefer: Financial Advisor & Partner
  • Brent Tierney: Financial Advisor
  • Jen Behnke: Sales Assistant & Operations Manager
  • Abby Zubella: Insurance Representative & Sales Assistant
  • Megan Kok: Business Development & Marketing Manager

Contact us by phone at 920.233.7400 or email